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Financial engineering and ncfm course. en Mumbai

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TORUX Financial Engineering Course - 2009

The Best First Step to a Lucrative Career in Finance

Financial Engineering 2009

Certification in Financial Engineering
The certification you will receive upon successful completion of the course is seen as a proof of deep understanding of Financial Derivatives Markets and high competence in developing applications for the Finance Industry. Our certification will make a big difference in your CV and will distinguish you from other candidates competing for jobs in Finance.

An Overview
A certification course designed to provide students with an overview of Financial markets and stock exchange, equities and commodities, Financial derivatives and Risk Management by Investment Banks and Hedge Funds. It is designed in such pattern to provide combined knowledge in both theoretical and practical ground of finance and technical languages like C++ / OOP s concepts of Financial software. The platform we provide guides students to make a career in the software industry where Financial concepts are implemented and in particular in Investment Banks in India and abroad.

Career Opportunities

We will offer the most talented and motivated course graduates, a chance to gain real project work experience in our company as an Intern.
There is currently vast demand for competent Financial Engineers in Financial markets.


Any B.Tech / BE / M.Tech graduates and postgraduates who aim to make a career in Financial software Engineering.
Students of any year are eligible to join the course.

Mr. Jasvinder Bhatia, MBA (Finance)
Mr. Vaibhav Atri, MBA (Finance)
Mr. Sumeet Akewar, MBA (Finance)

Mr. Sandeep Munde, M.Tech – IIT (Mumbai)
Mr. Gopal Ganeriwal, M.Tech – IIT (Mumbai)
Mr. Sumanta Biswas, B.Tech – IIT (Mumbai)
Mr. Pramod K Singh, B.Tech – IT (BHU)
Mr. Ajeet Tiwari, B.Tech – IT (BHU)
Mr. Ninaad Haarsole, BE – (Pune University)
Mr. Rambabu Bachalakuri, B.Tech – IIT (Mumbai)

Structure of Basic Course
Financial Markets and the Stock Exchange - I
Financial Markets and the Stock Exchange – II
Equities and Commodities
Financial Derivatives Overview
Forwards and Futures: Definition and use for Hedging/Speculation
Options: Definition and use for Hedging/Speculation

OOP Concepts in Financial Software
C++ classes for Futures and calculating Futures Theoretical values using prices from the Stock Market and Interest Rates
Database setup and management (using SQL and PL/SQL) for Derivatives, Trades and Market Data
C++ classes for Equities
C++ classes for Currencies and Market Data (Stock Market Prices and Interest Rates)
C++ classes for Forwards

Structure of Intermediate Course
Basics of Financial Market and Derivatives
Forwards and Futures: Definition, Use for Hedging/Speculation and Pricing
Options: Definition, Use for Hedging/Speculation and Pricing
Trading strategies in Options, Exotic Options
Use of Greeks and VaR in Risk Management
Risk Management by Investment Banks and Hedge Funds

Design Patterns and STL in Financial Software
Pricing Forward Contracts using prices from the Stock Market and Interest Rates
Market Data (Volatility) and Options Objects
Portfolio Structure
Booking Trades and Portfolio Management

Other Details

Course Starting Dates–1st Week of (July, October, January, April)&3rd Week of (August, November,February,May)
Course Duration–Each course of 6 Weeks.
Course Fees–Rs. 3500 for each course.

Course options

1.Intermediate course can be done after completion of the Basic Course.
2.Both the courses can be done in parallel at different timings.

Rs 1000 reward for every reference on each of the courses, Basic or Intermediate.
5 OR MORE GET 20% DISCOUNT. Come with a group of 5 or more and get Discount of 20%.

NCFM Certificate Preparatory Course.

Torux Software helps students prepare for NCFM certification.

NCFM is a certification examination conducted through online-testing by the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) in Financial Market modules. This exam is suitable for students and working professionals, willing to get knowledge in finance and get certified to advance their career.

Torux Software provides preparation for exams in four NCFM modules

Financial Markets: A Beginner's Module
Derivatives Market
Capital Markets
Mutual Fund Advisors

Career Opportunities

The NCFM certification is very popular and career boosting for those interested in working in India's Financial industry.

Any undergraduate / postgraduate is eligible.

Mr. Jasvinder Bhatia, MBA (Finance)
Mr. Vaibhav Atri, MBA (Finance)
Mr. Sumeet Akewar, MBA (Finance)

Course Names
Financial Markets:A Beginner'sModule Rs.800
Derivatives Market Rs.1200
Capital Markets Rs.1200
Mutual Fund Advisors Rs.1800

The course can be started as per your flexibility; there is no need to wait for the batch to form.

You can download the Enrollment form from our website:

Fill in the complete form and send to our e-mail:

Contact Us:
Torux Software Pvt. Ltd.
Vatika Business Centre
Level 5, C Wing
Panchshil Tech Park One
Airport Road, Yerwada
Pune - 411006
Maharashtra, India

Phone India: +91 20 40111050

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