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Anodised Manufacturers India and anodised exporters

Anodised manufacturers india and anodised exporters

Emje india manufacturer of anodised, we supply anodised and stainless steel kitchenware products to our customers in india nigeria, brazil, mexico. enquire now visit site ...
Home Electronics - Mumbai - 05:35 hs
Turnstylish - Women Apparel Shopping Online India

Turnstylish - women apparel shopping online india

Fascinated by the charm of bollywood anarkali suits? get the best, long, designer anarkali suits online at they are perfect for? wearing on occasions. ...
Clothing/Accessories - Mumbai - 01:41 hs
Baal Kera Thailam/ Shishu Thailam Oil

Baal kera thailam/ shishu thailam oil

This age old concoction is perfect to use as a weekly scalp nourishing treatment for? children. with the increase in 'screen-time' exposure, environment pollution and academic stress, there is a tenfold increase of mental pressure on the children. ...
Baby and Children Accessories - Mumbai - 01:36 hs
gharghanti price list with imag

Feet care basics kit/ best foot care products

A carefully formulated selection of hypoallergenic,harsh-chemical-free products with ayurveda’s most effective botanicals in 100%pure and natural formulations to pamper and nourish your feet. • moisturise to enhance hydration in the skin to make ...
Beauty Products - Mumbai - 01:34 hs
Pushtikar Hair Oil/ Buy Natural Oils for Hair loss

Pushtikar hair oil/ buy natural oils for? hair loss

With a potent blend of ayurvedic herbs in a deep penetrating base of virgin coconut oil, the pushtikar keram hair loss oil reduces hairfall as it nourishes and strengthens hair roots, prevents and heals scalp disorders, and cools the head and eyes. ...
Beauty Products - Mumbai - 01:33 hs
Gotu Kola Gold Leaf Night Cream/ natural skin rejuvenation

Gotu kola gold leaf night cream/ natural skin rejuvenation

Sleep while this ultra-rich hydrating night cream with nature’s most effective raw-blended moisturising agents combats the signs of ageing, restores suppleness, minimises wrinkles, counteracts oxidative stress and free-radical damage, while ...
Beauty Products - Mumbai - 01:30 hs
Multani Fuller\'s Earth Frankincense Bathbar

Multani fuller\'s earth frankincense bathbar

Spicy, yet fresh and uplifting, multani, is a classical ayurvedic recipe bathbar blended with fuller's earth clay, frankincense and cinnamon. fuller's earth with its re-mineralising and healing properties deep cleanses and softens the skin, ...
Beauty Products - Mumbai - 01:26 hs
Supercritical Fluid Extraction Manufacturers in India - Amar Equipments

Supercritical fluid extraction manufacturers in india - amar equipments

Supercritical fluid extraction systems used for? the extraction of herbs, essential oils and other products are manufactured at amar equipments - mumbai, supercritical fluid extraction from amar equipments for? extraction of herbs, oils, ...
Professional Equipment - Mumbai - 01:03 hs
One stop shop to buy cool t shirts online: Lazyninja

One stop shop to buy cool t shirts online: lazyninja

Fond of buying cool t shirts online but really don’t know where to go, is this the dilemma that tires your brain. if yes, we might have something useful especially for? you. from awesome t shirts for? girls to t shirts for? men, lazyninja has a lot to ...
Clothing/Accessories - Mumbai - 07:21 hs
Shishu Ubtan / Best Baby Skin Care Products

Shishu ubtan / best baby skin care products

This ultra-gentle nutrient-rich, cleansing mixture of herbs, flowers and grain powders, is based on a well-researched, classical ayurvedic recipe to cleanse, nourish, and purify the baby's skin. this ubtan can be also used in place of a soap for? your ...
Beauty Products - Mumbai - 02:50 hs
Soothing Grains Feet Compress/ Natural Feet Compress

Soothing grains feet compress/ natural feet compress

Relax and soothe tired feet and ankles with the ancient vedic tradition of moist warm/cold healing. filled with 100% premium grain filler. ergonomically designed to fit snugly around the foot and therapeutically and evenly weighted. very useful for? ...
Beauty Products - Mumbai - 02:48 hs
Soothing Conditioner/ Herbal Hair Conditioner

Soothing conditioner/ herbal hair conditioner

Restore health to a troubled scalp and strength and moisture to damaged hair with rich plant emollients, pro-vitamins and soothing botanicals. the neem and tea tree conditioner provides intensive deep conditioning for? a healthy, balanced scalp and ...
Beauty Products - Mumbai - 02:46 hs
Sacred Lotus Gold Leaf Night Cream from Omvedstore

Sacred lotus gold leaf night cream from omvedstore

Restore, repair and revitalise your skin while you sleep after a day of exposure to the sun and environmental pollutants.*anti-ageing sacred lotus seed extract, reduces acne, blemishes, enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles, helping you look ...
Beauty Products - Mumbai - 02:44 hs
Natural Malati Jasmine Blossoms Bathbar

Natural malati jasmine blossoms bathbar

Immerse yourself in the intoxicating aroma of thousands of jasmine blossoms as the nourishing oils of the malati bathbar cleanse and hydrate your body. the right proportion and master blend of pure jasmine oil in this bathbar captures the true beauty ...
Beauty Products - Mumbai - 02:42 hs
multi port high power USB HUB charge tablet ipod ipad phone USB BITCOIN Razorfish

Multi port high power usb hub charge tablet ipod ipad phone usb bitcoin razorfish

Multi port high power usb hub charge tablet ipod ipad phone usb bitcoin razorfishusb hub charge tablet ipod ipad phone usb bitcoin razorfishrazorfish solutions manufacturersusb hub fast charger 19 port usb hub with integral power supply and ...
Computers - Mumbai - 21:17 hs
IT Companies In Hinjewadi, Software Providers In Magarpatta | SVS

It companies in hinjewadi, software providers in magarpatta | svs

Svs global softech is one of the software providers in magarpatta also as it companies in hinjewadi again it is the best.does it really matter how big we are or how small we are. What really matters is What we are and What we can do for? our customers ...
Other items - Mumbai - 07:42 hs
On The Go Body Wash/ Natural Shower Gel

On the go body wash/ natural shower gel

This gentle and soothing shower gel with a natural cleansing complex is strong enough to get rid of dirt, sweat and odour without stripping your skin of essential moisture. this mild foaming lather rinses completely without clogging the pores and ...
Beauty Products - Mumbai - 01:07 hs
Daily Night Foot Oil/ Natural Feet Oil

Daily night foot oil/ natural feet oil

Luxuriously soft and relaxed feet is the promise of this aromatic serum. easily absorbed and non-sticky, this classical ayurvedic blend will leave your feet soft and rested and your spirit relaxed. the triple blend of valerian; a calming sedative, ...
Beauty Products - Mumbai - 01:05 hs
Nourishing Conditioner/ Natural Hair Conditioner

Nourishing conditioner/ natural hair conditioner

Reawaken dry, undernourished hair with extra-rich, nourishing plant oils that restore moisture without build-up. the jatamansi and geranium conditioner, enriched with pro-vitamins and scalp-normalising botanicals, improves circulation and restores ...
Beauty Products - Mumbai - 01:04 hs
Intense Moisturising Cream/ Natural Moisturizer

Intense moisturising cream/ natural moisturizer

This non-greasy, fast absorbing moisturizer keeps skin soft, supple and resilient. it's smooth consitency, glides on and melts into the skin, almost instantly as it restores elasticity of dry or damaged skin.* vitamin e rich kokum butter regenerates ...
Beauty Products - Mumbai - 01:00 hs
Natural Atulya Lemongrass Sage Bathbar

Natural atulya lemongrass sage bathbar

Experience spa-luxury at home when you shower with atulya, our lemongrass clary sage glycerine bathbar. it's uniquely fresh, spicy almost citrusy aroma will help wake up dull, lifeless skin and restore a healthy tone and luster. lemongrass has been ...
Beauty Products - Mumbai - 00:57 hs
honda small car in india

No fuss face wash / organic face wash

This no nonsense cleanser for? men on the move stands true to its name. this cleanser has been designed to get rid of the grime and pollutants and restore the ph balance and reduce skin breakouts by neutralising sweat and impurities. its gentle ...
Beauty Products - Mumbai - 02:03 hs
Detox Bronze Massager from Omvedstore

Detox bronze massager from omvedstore

The kansa vatki massage (bronze bowl massage) is a deeply relaxing, ancient ayurvedic treatment that is believed to detox and cool the body, using an oiled bronze bowl. several things work together in this holistic treatment:• the gentle friction ...
Beauty Products - Mumbai - 02:01 hs
Gentle Conditioner / Natural Hair Conditioner

Gentle conditioner / natural hair conditioner

Condition naturally with high levels of botanicals and aromatics that go beyond just cleaning and conditioning. the brahmi and peppermint conditioner provides nourishment for? the scalp and protects from daily damage while infusing the mind and body ...
Beauty Products - Mumbai - 01:58 hs
Ultra-Light Day And Night Moisturiser

Ultra-light day and night moisturiser

This light, moisturising beauty-boosting blend uses the skin-reviving benefits of the essential oil of neroli and the ayurvedic herbal extract of calendula and jaiphal, in pure cold-pressed oils of sweet almond and jojoba, to restore skin suppleness, ...
Beauty Products - Mumbai - 01:57 hs
Ojas Sandalwood Bathbar / Organic Soap

Ojas sandalwood bathbar / organic soap

Allow yourself to luxuriate in the refreshing and de-stressing aroma of divine sandalwood. pure sandalwood oil has been prized since millenia, across cultures, for? its anti-ageing and skin-enhancing properties. its antiseptic, anti-fungal, cooling ...
Beauty Products - Mumbai - 01:54 hs
Deep Facial Cleanser From Omvedstore

Deep facial cleanser from omvedstore

A soft-foaming, ph-balanced cleanser that effectively removes deep embedded dirt, grime and other impurities to leave skin soft, smooth and fresh. the omved face wash is an ultra-gentle formulation that effectively cleanses without stripping the ...
Beauty Products - Mumbai - 07:43 hs
Management Staffing Recourses  ................

Management staffing recourses ................

Company is looking for? a qualified intern to join our marketing/advertising team. our marketing department produces quality work for? major companies in the boston area, and seeks an intern who can participate in various stages of print and online ...
Computers - Mumbai - 02:33 hs
Dab On Soothe Gel for Men from Omvedstore

Dab on soothe gel for? men from omvedstore

This nutrient rich aloe vera based gel has an aromatic blend of natural essential oils that is engineered to rebalance skin's natural moisture while soothing skin irritations and inflammations. this refreshing gel can also be used as an after-shave ...
Beauty Products - Mumbai - 00:48 hs
Terracotta Foot Scrubber from Omvedstore

Terracotta foot scrubber from omvedstore

for? daily foot care, nothing can beat this two-sided terra foot scrubber to clean away dry skin, buff and polish feet. a traditional tool used since antiquity in india, it works just like a pumice stone/metal file to scrub and slough away dead skin. ...
Beauty Products - Mumbai - 00:46 hs
Herbal Restorative Shampoo from Omvedstore

Herbal restorative shampoo from omvedstore

Gentle plant-derived botanicals gently clean and soothe a flaky, itchy or dandruff-prone scalp* anti-fungal neem controls naturally occurring microbial levels that can cause scalp irritation. * tea tree nourishes a dry flaky scalp and relieves from ...
Beauty Products - Mumbai - 00:44 hs
Protective Face Moisturiser from Omvedstore

Protective face moisturiser from omvedstore

Normal to dry skinthis easily-absorbed luxurious cream uses the skin-regenerating benefits of jasmine and ylang ylang essential oils and the ayurvedic wonder herb extract of ashwagandha, in a trio of oils of avocado, sweet almond and jojoba, to ...
Beauty Products - Mumbai - 00:42 hs
Shuddhi Neem Tulsi bathbar from Omvedstore

Shuddhi neem tulsi bathbar from omvedstore

A gentle but invigorating fragrance that lingers on you even after the morning shower. an antibacterial, moisturising formula that offers you the benefits of cold-pressed neem oil, a natural emollient and skin restorative, along with those of the ...
Beauty Products - Mumbai - 00:41 hs
Naturally Active Men\'s Kit from Omvedstore

Naturally active men\'s kit from omvedstore

A carefully formulated selection of hypoallergenic,harsh-chemical-free products with ayurveda’s most effective botanicals in 100% pure and natural formulations for? the man on the go! the omved store offers you a wide range of pure and natural ...
Beauty Products - Mumbai - 07:52 hs

Exfoliating foot scrub from omvedstore

Invigorate tired, aching muscles and dry and rough feet with this rich, minty citrus scrub. scour away old dead skin to uncover fresh skin cells and restore youth to your feet.* natural pumice stone granules smoothen, exfoliate and cleanse rough ...
Beauty Products - Mumbai - 07:46 hs
Natural Hydrating Shampoo from Omvedstore

Natural hydrating shampoo from omvedstore

Restore strength and moisture to undernourished hair with plant-derived botanicals as they cleanse without stripping and build-up. this all-herbal shampoo deeply penetrates to hydrate, with its concentrated proteins and a blend of natural oils.* ...
Beauty Products - Mumbai - 07:45 hs
Ananda Himalayan Rose Bathbar from Omvedstore

Ananda himalayan rose bathbar from omvedstore

Indulge in the pure luxury of bathing with a million roses. it takes 40,000 pounds of rose petals to distill just 1 pound of rose oil... and we have infused this in ananda - our 100% natural aromatherapy bathbar. the exotic aromatic extracts of ...
Beauty Products - Mumbai - 07:16 hs
Sony Xperia Z Sony has finally announced the Xperia Z, their latest flagship at CES 2013.

Sony xperia z sony has finally announced the xperia z, their latest flagship at ces 2013.

Sony has finally announced the xperia z, their latest flagship at ces 2013. it has a 5-inch full hd (1920×1080 pixels) reality display with mobile bravia engine 2 and is powered by 1.5ghz quad-core qualcomm apq 8064 processor with adreno 320 gpu. it ...
Phones / Cell phones - Mumbai - 13:02 hs
Organic Tired Foot Soak from Omvedstore

Organic tired foot soak from omvedstore

Rejuvenate and refresh sore and tired muscles with this blissful pampering soak. therapeutic minerals and aromatic oils cleanse and condition while neutralizing odors. mineral-rich, himalayan pink rock salt is a cleansing agent, drawing out ...
Beauty Products - Mumbai - 02:00 hs
Natural Purifying Shampoo from Omvedstore

Natural purifying shampoo from omvedstore

Enjoy the aroma and advantages of real plant extracts as they thoroughly cleanse without stripping or build-up. the purifying brahmi and peppermint botanical shampoo cleanses to balance moisture for? natural softness, shine and health. brahmi ...
Beauty Products - Mumbai - 01:58 hs
Organic Moisturising Face Cleanser from Omvedstore

Organic moisturising face cleanser from omvedstore

A soft-foaming, ph-balanced cleanser that effectively removes deep embedded dirt, grime and other impurities to leave skin soft, smooth and fresh. the omved face wash deep cleanses without drying or stripping the natural oils of the skin. aloe vera ...
Beauty Products - Mumbai - 01:56 hs
Natural Mrudu Bath Bar  from Omvedstore

Natural mrudu bath bar from omvedstore

Enriched with the goodness of sweet almond milk and luxurious kashmiri saffron, mrudu is the mildest, most gentle, 100% natural bathbar ever made for? babies. almond milk, with its store house of calcium and vitamins a, d & b2 , deeply nourishes ...
Beauty Products - Mumbai - 01:51 hs
Yorkshire Terrier male pup for sale

Yorkshire terrier male pup for? sale

Yorkshire terrier healthy male pup black and silver 3 months old available. call 0989262954109867934185.cutecompanions kennels, breeders & importers of quality pups, adult dogs & cats ...
Animals / Pets - Mumbai - 01:50 hs
An Exclusive Exhibition for Teej and Rakhi Dhoom in Mumbai

An exclusive exhibition for? teej and rakhi dhoom in mumbai

An exclusive exhibition for? teej and rakhi dhoom organized by prratha events in mumbai. event offers home and beauty products, gifts, apparels, jewellery, kids accessories, cakes and chocolates etc.special attractions for? the event will be designer ...
Tickets - Mumbai - 03:10 hs
Metal cutting tools, diamond cutting tools,Tungsten Carbide Cutting Tools

Metal cutting tools, diamond cutting tools,tungsten carbide cutting tools

We are suppliers of metal cutting tools of renowned brands like viz addison, it, totem, miranda, sandvik, widia, yg, gurhing etc in reasonable cost. ...
Professional Equipment - Mumbai - 04:21 hs
Metal cutting tools, diamond cutting tools,Tungsten Carbide Cutting Tools

Metal cutting tools, diamond cutting tools,tungsten carbide cutting tools

We are suppliers of metal cutting tools of renowned brands like viz addison, it, totem, miranda, sandvik, widia, yg, gurhing etc in reasonable cost. ...
Professional Equipment - Mumbai - 04:27 hs
Designer Spectacular Black Anarkali Georgette Salwaar Kameez

Designer spectacular black anarkali georgette salwaar kameez

Buy online, designer georgette anarkali salwaar kameez in a spectacular black colour for? wedding with the work of embroidery @ 7,035 only.for? more details visit our ...
Clothing/Accessories - Mumbai - 08:52 hs
Tempting sweets for Gurupurnima in India - M.M. Mithaiwala

Tempting sweets for? gurupurnima in india - m.m. mithaiwala

Guru purnima marks one of the greatest moments in the life of humanity. the day of guru purnima is traditionally the time when seekers offer the guru their gratitude and receive his / her blessings. celebrate this auspicious occasion praising and ...
Food / Drinks - Mumbai - 07:27 hs
Abacus dvd kit for children and students in Mumba

Abacus dvd kit for? children and students in mumba

Abacus dvd kitabacus dvd kit is complete training kit for? abacus course.this kit includes:2 dvd's, user manual, practice book, note book, bag, & abacus tool.m.r.p. rs. 1700/-for? more information visit our ...
CDs / DVDs / Books - Mumbai - 07:04 hs
Buy new /award winning/rare books through our shopping site in Mumbai

Buy new /award winning/rare books through our shopping site in mumbai

Buy books ,magazine and general products through our site delivered to any where i n world we have very special products also our site are updated most often to keep the site active ...
CDs / DVDs / Books - Mumbai - 06:59 hs

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